Subscribe with Google & AMP Are Incompatible (Mostly)

Ah, AMP… Accelerated Mobile Pages… what a sordid history. Launched in 2015 and taking the internet by storm, AMP was thought to be the answer for a faster web experience. The idea was that sites would use a simpler set of standards designed specifically for mobile users. Google would then … Read more

How to use SwG & Also Register Users in WordPress

You set up a paywall on your site using Subscribe with Google (SwG). When a reader subscribes, Google manages access. As long as the reader is logged into their Google account, Google let’s them pass through the paywall seamlessly. You have access to the subscribers name, email address, status, payment … Read more

JavaScript Paywall Pros & Cons

There are two general ways to add a paywall to your site. Client-side or server-side. The code for a client-side paywall is implemented in the reader’s browser. This is generally done using JavaScript. The code for a server-side paywall is implemented on the website’s server, the computer that the website … Read more

Subscribe with Google Content Policies – What’s Not Allowed?

I missed when exactly they posted these, but sometime over the last two weeks Google published the new Subscribe with Google (SwG) Content Policies. Google has the policies divided into two sections – ‘user’ and ‘content’ – which seems like an odd way to do it. When they say ‘user’, … Read more

What It’s Like To Subscribe Using Subscribe with Google

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to subscribe or contribute using Subscribe with Google from the perspective of one of your readers. The reader experience It starts at the subscription or contribution prompt. The background is greyed out and the prompt appears over the content. The prompt lists … Read more

Subscribe with Google: Subscriptions -vs- Contributions

You’re setting your site up to use Subscribe with Google and you’ve come to the part where you need to select between a subscription model or a contribution model. Which to choose? Let’s take a look at how each of them works. Subscription Model With the subscription model you can … Read more

How to Set Up Subscribe with Google

Google recently announced that the tool publishers use to set up Subscribe with Google has been renamed. It’s now called the “Reader Revenue Manager”. In some of the images included in this article, you will see the tool identified as “Subscribe with Google”. The Reader Revenue Manager allows publishers to … Read more