Tired of the SEO Content Race? Develop Subscription Revenue Instead

Tired of publishing crap?

No offense intended, we’ve all been there.

You’re stuck in a cycle of trying to find keywords that you can rank for and spending hours investigating what might be a hit.

You find something and then have to write a story on it, even though you know little about the topic.

And you need an outrageous click bait headline, that’s the important part. So you have to write the story in a way that justifies a headline that makes people want to click on it.

The quality of the story is secondary. You need that clickbait headline to attract traffic. Traffic leads to ad revenue. It doesn’t matter if the reader ever comes back to your site (though it’s helpful if you can write another clickbait headline story to keep them on the site). Just get them there so they might click on an ad.

The need for attention grabbing headlines based on keyword research is dragging the internet down a spiraling road to irrelevancy.

And it’s only going to get worse now that content can be spun using AI chatbots.

It didn’t used to be that way. People used to subscribe to their news sources. Sure, newspapers had ads too, but journalists and editors understood that quality content was required to keep their subscriber base.

Subscription based high quality content is once again a growing trend.

From creators with amazing stories that make consumers want to contribute so they can play a role in the adventure – to targeted news reporting, expert advice, or political analysis that’s worth the subscription price to their readers – more and more publishers are finding success with subscription models.

Just think about it:

What if… you could forget about “SEO research” and crazy headlines and churning out as much content as possible – and instead focus on quality content for a community of readers that really appreciate your content, your information, your stories?

What if… you could write to your readers instead of writing to search engines?

What if… you could take the time to really research your topic, be the expert, and give your readers something they really won’t find anywhere else?

This can be done by changing your monetization model from ad revenue to subscription revenue, or a combination of both. .

Is it easy?


High quality content will be the key to attracting and keeping your community satisfied.

Quality content isn’t always easy, and making the transition might not be easy. But once you make the change to publishing high quality content, it is so much more rewarding!

SEO will still be important. You do need to continue to attract new readers. But a subscription model allows you to think differently. To focus on content and readers, rather than the constant hunt for attainable keywords, rankings, and headlines.

Ready to make the change?

There are quite a few different ways you can implement subscription models. Here at Rev.Press, of course, we use Subscribe with Google. There are a number of advantages to using Google’s service. We also offer the RevPress plugin to make adding Subscribe with Google to your WordPress site easy.

Learn more about Subscribe with Google and, if you publish using WordPress, check out the RevPress Plugin.

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Chris Andrews is an avid news consumer, publisher, a Diamond Level Google News and Google Publisher Center Product Expert, a technical SEO consultant, a 3rd Degree Black Belt, the creator of the GN Publisher and RevPress WordPress Plugins, and the founder of Rev.Press.