Can You Make Money With Subscribe with Google?

Can you put Subscribe with Google on your site and make money?

Yes – if you have the right content.

What’s the right content?

Let’s dig in:

Unique Content Is Critical

Few people are going to pay for something they can easily get somewhere else for free.

What you offer needs to be exclusive. If there are other sites that offer the same information, yours needs to present it in a way that stands out from the rest.

It’s Got to be Niche

The more focused your content is, the better you’ll do.

It can be a big niche – like politics.

Or something smaller – like our focus here at Rev.Press.

Smaller niches are a bit tricky though. You have to have a large enough audience to justify the amount of work that goes into your site. If it’s so niche that only a dozen people are interested, your subscription program isn’t going to work unless it’s something you can charge a lot of money for!

Tightly focused content is a must. Your subscribers are subscribing to get something specific. Make sure they get it.

Which leads to…

It Has to be Worth It

What all successful subscription/contribution based sites have in common is that the subscribers feel it is worth the money to subscribe.

It might be to support a project or goal that is important to them.

It might be for specific news information and opinion that they can’t get anywhere else.

There are sites focused on politics that get tons of subscribers because people want to support and identify with them.

There are professional sites that offer services or information that help subscribers move forward in their careers. They are happy to subscribe or contribute to get the information they need to advance.

Or it might be for a sense of adventure. There are people that sail around with world through the support of their subscribers. The subscribers join in and financially support them because they want to feel that they are a part in the adventure.

There are so many possibilities to provide worthwhile content, whether it be for entertainment, information, or personal advancement.

And lastly…

It Has to Connect

Subscribing online feels much more personal than buying a bag of chips at a store.

By subscribing or contributing, your subscribers are investing in a relationship with you and your site.

When someone subscribes or contributes to your site, they are very aware that they are supporting you and joining a community of like minded people.

To succeed with Subscribe with Google, you’ll need to build on that relationship with content that really connects with your subscribers and addresses their wants and needs.

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Chris Andrews is an avid news consumer, publisher, a Diamond Level Google News and Google Publisher Center Product Expert, a technical SEO consultant, a 3rd Degree Black Belt, the creator of the GN Publisher and RevPress WordPress Plugins, and the founder of Rev.Press.