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I’m Chris Andrews, your host here at Rev.Press.

I’m a Platinum level Google News and Google Publisher Center expert. You’ll often find me hanging out at the Google News Help Forum and Google Publisher Center Help Forum, where I’ve helped thousands of users and publishers with issues related to Google News, the Publisher Center, and now Subscribe with Google.

I’m also the original creator of the GN Publisher plugin, now owned by Magazine 3. Many of you may use their themes or their massively popular AMP for WP plugin.

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Our free RevPress WordPress plugin has all of the basics in place to successfully add Subscribe with Google to your site.

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The RevPress Pro plugin

The RevPress Pro WordPress plugin includes ways to fortify your paywall, including the ability to hinder users trying to access your content for free by turning off JavaScript (learn more about JavaScript paywalls) or using Google’s cache.

You’ll also be able to easily add a Subscribe with Google button to your free content, like the button below and in our sidebar.

And you’ll be able to easily edit individual fields within your Subscribe with Google code snippet.

The RevPress Pro plugin is currently in development. Join today and you will be one of the first to get it!

RevPress Pro Members-Only Forum

As a RevPress Pro member, you’ll have direct access to me AND a group of super helpful Subscribe with Google publishers through our members-only forum.

Come hang out with us as we discuss the details of putting together a successful reader revenue program.

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Exclusive Content

We all know that it takes MORE than just slapping Subscribe with Google on your site to be successful with your reader revenue program.

But what MORE does it take?

That’s what we’ll be discussing in our members-only articles, along with exclusive access to news, tips and tutorials on maximizing your reader revenue.

RevPress Pro members have access to content that you won’t find anywhere else!

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