Subscribe with Google Publisher Tool Now Called Reader Revenue Manager

Google has a long tradition of naming products as confusingly as possible.

Add this one to the list.

Subscribe with Google allows publishers to offer subscriptions or accept contributions on their sites.

In the past, the service and the tool for setting up the service was all called Subscribe with Google.

On March 29, 2023, Google renamed the tool the “Reader Revenue Manager”.

So now publishers will see the Reader Revenue Manager in their Publisher Center, instead of “Subscribe with Google”.

In a way, this makes sense. One name for the tool, another for what it produces.

Reader Revenue Manager also allows Google to expand beyond Subscribe with Google if there are other services they want to offer through it.

But… what do we call the service overall?

Here at Rev.Press, at least for now, we’ll still refer to it as “Subscribe with Google” in general, and use “Reader Revenue Manager” when discussing the tool itself.

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